Kemen Disgraced Out of Big Brother Naija


By Aidokha Asekome

Ekemini Ekeretta aka Kemen of Big Brother Naija, a reality show being hosted in South Africa,  has been thrown out of the Big Brother house in very ignominious circumstance.

T-boss a fellow housemate had earlier accused him of sexual harassment and exploitation of her privates. Big Brother found him guilty and was disqualified from the house.

However, this development has thrown up controversies on the proprietary as regards Kemen’s disqualification. To some viewers, the Big Brother House seems to set up for sexual misbehavior, they are therefore at loss why BB is taking Kemen’s issue to this extreme, especially when Kemen and T-boss slept on the same bed. The argument is that sleeping on the same bed with Kemen was suggestive and she got what she deserved. Was it set up to get Kemen out of the way?

Some viewers have also towed the gender bias line, stating that a female member of the house, Debbie Rise also at some point kissed Bassey without his consent and she was not disqualified. Why is Kemen’s case different?

A viewer Omolola 1 in her contribution says, “As for Kemen, it’s really sad what happened to him. I don’t support what he did and I will never do, however Tboss isn’t a kid, she’s 33 years old! She could have stood up immediately from the bed when she noticed what Kemen was doing. From the video, she woke up and knew exactly what Kemen was up to. She could have also defended him in the diary room when she was summoned and then later on talk to him about it, she is an adult for God’s sake not some teenager”.

Other viewers believed Kemen was justly punished, because fondling a lady without her consent is despicable and deserved to be punished.

“If he had made advances on her when she was awake, considering their history of Kemen liking Tboss and Tboss not reciprocating the interest, it would’ve still been very inappropriate, the difference is the fact that she was sleeping which makes it more a case of him taking advantage of her current state which is my point, in regards to him comparing the situations”. Ibkaye

There was an outrage when it was learnt that Big Brother Naija 2017, was to be staged in South Africa. Opinions are however divided on the morality of the Big Brother Naija show. To some the Big Brother house is a cesspit of immorality and some others they love it for the entertainment value.

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